There are some great challenges in this world. One is how to sell sand in Sahara? Another is: how to boost sales of fruit juices in the chilly Nordic summers? For Marli we conducted a collect-and-get campaign with unique code stickers on the front of their juice cartons. But not just regular stickers: we hid the codes behind the top layer of the stickers. Racked tightly on the shelves, the carton stickers were highly noticeable with their message easily understood.

For this campaign we chose the popular German made DesignSkins® for mobile phones as prizes. Online registration and 10 campaign codes later, the customer was automatically issued a gift voucher good for three stylish Marli inspired designs in the DesignSkins® website.

We didn’t have to wait long for the buzz to spread; before the schools ended our campaign was a popular topic in the schoolyards and hangouts of young customers.

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